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What is Bright Young Minds Panama today stems from our vast experience which began in1996. Our research, studies and experience, as well as our extensive travelling throughout Europe and North & Central America, led us to major revelations about early childhood education, fitness and what ultimately motivates children:

  • Classroom sizes were too large (20-28 students to 1 teacher)
  • One main topic was being taught to all the children without knowing whether each child really understood the "lesson of the day".
  • The teacher taught using one method not paying attention to each individual child's learning needs
  • The next day that same teacher would teach a new topic without knowing whether each child had learnt the topic from the previous day.
  • Schools would do what they could not to fail children (even though they were actually getting failing grades) so that the school's image would not be affected.
  • Through more recent studies in Latin America we have noticed a lack of regular organized physical activity in both public and private schools.


  • Small academic learning group (maximum 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio)
  • Each child is informally tested to determine a starting point for the learning plan
  • We pay attention to each child's needs and how they learn best 
  • Each child works independently on his own workbook
  • Our teachers don't go to the proceeding book until your child fully masters the current one/topic.
  • We incorporate a challenging fitness & sports program along with super fun play time activities.

Based on Jean Piaget's cognitive development theory we emphasize active & independent learning, and we teach in harmony with each child's unique learning style & pace of development. We combine this with challenging physical activity and play time which has proven to accelerate and improve cognitive development.  Our recent studies also confirm that in almost all instances children between 1 and 6 years of age learn more effectively through a combination of academics, fitness & games rather than just through academics.

In the late 1990's we franchised with one of Canada's premier learning and tutoring centers that now boasts mutilple locations worldwide. We opened the first franchised center in Montreal and the rest, as they say, is history. For over 20 years we've helpled more than 1000 children improve their intellectual potential both at school and in life. After leaving the franchise in 2014, we decided to create a 'complete preschool program'. One that incorporates learning, fitness and fun. We are proud and excited to have brought this excellence to the families of Panama through the Bright Young Minds program!








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