BYM EDU-Care Program

What makes our daycare program unique in Panama?

Low child-to-staff ratios and small group sizes

We offer a 6-to-1 child-to-staff ratio and do our best to keep the group sizes small. Our child-to-staff ratios are well within the recommended ratios of both The Canadian Paediatrics Society (CPS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).


Trained caregivers who love children

We have been helping children develop for over 18 years and the number one requisite we seek in our staff is that they love kids. This allows us to provide better care because we know the kinds of interactions children need. Loving their job counts too. In the US, a National Institute of Child Health and Development study found that when caregivers were loving and responsive, kids had more positive interactions with one another.


An environment that builds creativity

BYM students are challenged on a variety of levels in areas including fine and gross motor skills, language, independence and personal/ social development.

Unlike a typical day in the city, BYM offers a structured environment which follows a clock, as routine makes children feel secure.

Sorry, no TV, no automatic toys. Less is more at BYM. Our students show us what they think, who they are and what they are really made of. They don’t always need to be given or shown figurative imagery found in video games, for example. We want to encourage them to express what is going on in their minds, to process the world around them and then express it on their own terms, whether it be through art, music, drama, physical activity or just through dialogue with the people around them.


Quality learning program 

We offer one of the city’s most effective English learning & fitness programs for preschoolers. The BYM program is based on the experience we acquired in Canada as well as our studies and travels abroad which stem back to the mid 90’s. Our learning methodology makes effective use of Piaget's theory of cognitive development among other strategies. It allows children to stop and think about what they are learning enabling them to acquire and hone both school and life skills. We combine this approach with a low child-to-teacher ratio, a rigorous fitness program, a whole lot of fun & love, and the result is quite often the birth of an active learner.



Royal Blue Plaza
Via Porras (upstairs from Mc Donald's)
San Fransisco
Panama City, Panama.




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